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Corporate Holistic Wellness Program

A workplace wellness plan is business smart

Keep your employees happy and healthy!

Companies are increasingly incorporating on-site wellness programs for their employees. A safe effective affordable option to keep your employees stress free, relaxed, and feeling well is with on-site acupuncture. A New U Holistic Services is now offering mobile on-site community style acupuncture treatments to your workplace. 

The mental and physical strain of a fast-paced work environment often leads to:


•muscle tension

•panic/anxiety disorders

• headaches


•emotional disturbances

•weight gain

•digestive issues

Bring health and wellness services directly to your employees while at the same time increasing productivity and reducing burn-out.

Why Holistic Wellness?

Quite simply, acupuncture or acudetox, a holistic therapy, is proven to reduce stress, eases anxiety, improves energy and concentration and boost the immune system. As part of a larger wellness program, acupuncture helps employees prevent illness, take fewer sick days, and use the workday constructively.

Acupressure, guided imagery and other natural healing techniques promote health and wellness as well. We can help calm the mind and relax the muscles, and bring lasting balance to various systems of the body.

Why a Wellness Program?

Benefits to employees include:

•Lower levels of stress

•Increased immunity

•Less frequent/diminished headaches

•Increased energy and motivation

•Increased well-being

•More restful sleep

•Lessor often eliminated pain issues caused by repetitive motion

Benefits to employers include:

•Reduced healthcare costs

•Increased productivity

•Decreased rates of illness

•Enhanced recruitment and retention of healthy employees

•Reduced sick days

•Improved employee relations and morale

 Happier, Healthier Employees 


1. Whole Body Tune-Up (good for everyone)

2. Treatment for Pain


$35 per person. Minimum of 15 employees required to participate over a period of 1.5 hours to 3 hours. Employers cover the cost of treatment in most instances. Arrangements can be made if employees prefer to incur the costs. Payment is due at time of service. Cash, Check and all major Credit Cards are accepted.

Ask about service contracts for your orgnization.


We recommend bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly sessions. We’re also available for your yearly local conferences. Schedule an acupuncture break between sessions for rest and relaxation!

HOW Does IT work and WHAT does it look like?

•Employees sign in, complete a quick assessment

•15-25 employees can be seen in a 2-hour time slot with 10min increments

•A quiet, communal space (conference room, lounge area, etc.) with adequate seating

•Acupuncture is administered in a community-style atmosphere.

•Employees relax in their chairs with a rejuvenating 30-minute treatment

•There is no need to disrobe – the acupuncture points needled are on the ear.

We take care of the rest!

If you’re ready to improve productivity in your workplace and make your company stand out from the rest with the gift of wellness, call 901-602-2002. We can start today.

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